December 26, 2009

looking back, and found so much love


it's sat nite and i do nothing except staying at home like mommy's nice girl! (yes i am home!)
well, it's kinda boring, so i decide for blogwalking, and notice that everyone (most of them) have made writing about 2009. i have thought about it, but frankly i haven't got any idea, what i must write.

2010 is nearly coming! it's scary, you know? we get older, there will be more responsible thing we face, and hope we're ready for it!
so, what should i suppose to say about 2009?
it's damn hard year. i swear, i've never been in such complicated, curious year for whole my life. i had many changes in my life. Friends, family, love.
met new things. loss the old ones.
many things that i've never imagined before. life is not constant. it changes whether you plan it or no. but, that's what we need, right? change, to get to know that you had became yourself, found whole YOU, who maybe hide behind for all this time.

but, maybe first, i really want to remember good things. i want to start new year with positive thinking, so i thing it's better if we don't look back all the negativity behind. okay, we need to look it back sometimes, but just to make sure that it won't happen again. learn from mistakes.

so, what i love from 2009.

1. i think i become bold and tough. it doesn't mean i was a spoiled girl , but a long this year, i stand my life alone. well, it's not easy. i cried, yes. i had nightmare, yes. but, as i sure, i didn't whim to my mom. i tried my best for ensuring her that i am okay living without her help. don't be wrong, i still need her. MUCH. but, however you call it, i can be autonomous. :)

2. my job. finally, i can deal with it. i start to love it, although sometimes complaining about it. and, when i got removed, and felt depressed, i think i can handle it now. sometimes i get depressed, but with my friends and family helps, hopefully, it's gonna be okay.

3. i've been inspired by someone. here she is. Cassey Bunn. i don't know exactly, i remember read her blog in late 2008. and now, it's like i am one of her fans, or maniacs maybe. i love her blog, i adore her tweets! she's kinda ordinary girl, but she often write some emotional things that makes me wow. i just can't describe it. we live in different place, different situation, but i dunno, sometimes what she say is exactly what i feel. Cassey, you're rock! visit her, maybe you're gonna like her too, readers! :)

4. I wrote a lot! it's so pleasant, coz i never gonna stop writing! i still write in diary too, things that i've been done for years, i never wanna skip a moment in my life. i hope i can wrote more, more, and more in next year.

5. having him. i don't want to explain it more, but.. yeah, having him is one of magical things of this year.

that's it.
i hope you're having great new year, wishing you all the very best things in life!
i love you, kiss!



  1. iy, 2009 juga jadi tahun yg penuh kesan dn perjuangan u saya bu del. :-)

    but,finally, 2009 berakhir, smoga hal2 baik mengiringi tahun 2010.

  2. udah lama, pengen komen di blog nya dela. tapi gagal karena internet yang sering error bu..

    Iya.. 2009 penuh dengan pengalaman berharga ya bu..

    Semoga di tahun 2010 menjadi langkah yang lebih baik lagi..
    dan semoga Allah senantiasa merahmati setiap langkah kita ya..

  3. @saga dan tsani (aku bingung mu panggil apa, nur? lita? tapi kayaknya bagus tsani ya? :) )

    sukses buat kita semua ya.
    moga2 di tahun 2010 nanti kita semua bisa jadi lebih baik.

  4. this year is so miracle to me....
    Love love love...

  5. @ intan..
    love, love, love.. :)

  6. That's really great to read ur blog too, but tell u what I'm also cassey's blog fan. Her writing is always perfect and smooth, that's what I love about her.

    But u too, girl! I love both, hehehe

  7. @ Nathary
    yeah, Cassey..she's cool, rite?

    i always enjoy your writings too, sometimes i was too lazy to drop any comments, sorry dear.. :p
    you do nice job in yours..

  8. trkasih kpd smua shbat, thn 2009 kita bnyak mndpt cbaan yg sngt sulit, tpi mdah2an di thn 2010,kita mndpt ijasah dri ujian trsbut, Amin

  9. @ willyo..
    amin, gambatte!! :)