October 21, 2008

white...white..everyday in white..don't you feel a bit bored?

i adores white so much..i had lotsa white tees, although mum always didn't like it, cuz it would get dirty faster than ever.. (haha..sorry mum, but I washed my self, it didn't matter to me.. i just loved white, it was simple, cute, and honest color..

look, how gorgeous they are, wearing white..huhuhu..of course, i didn't looked like them.. =)

after all, after wearing white every day, five times a week ( oh yeah, actually 4th, but last week I hadn't know we used batik every Friday, so i still used my white shirt ), it become annoying..
So irritating! Everyday, using white shirt and black pantalon,it's peevish! I dunno why we can't wear another color, don't they bored if they must use same color on and on??
yeah..yeah...here,in my office, at PP (i think i haven't told you already), every employees must use uniform. Blue in monday and tuesday, grey in wednesday and thursday, batik in friday.
but, for OJT (on Job Training), like i do now, who haven't got the uniform, we must use black and white every time!! Every time! eeeRGH.. YOU WON'T BELIEVE, i felt a bit malice with tika, my roommate. last friday, when we went out to plasa semanggi, big discounts held in centro, and she bought everything she could see, and i just watched her with jealousy. the matter is didn't mean I couldn't afford it, but i just didn't know where would i used it, cuz i couldn't wear anything except white in my office!
she got 2 shirts.. i really loved purple one, 50 % from the excecutive!!! uuugh..sigh!
seems i must replaced my investment for bags and shoes.. let's see later,hehe..

i desperately looked for some cute batik there too, i knew i just could show up in friday (huks, but really didn't matter, sometimes we couldn't get things that we want to, right?), but y'know, i didn't find it! even just one! sigh, i knew batik season had passed, and it's time for line and square pattern --they're everywhere! mostly in oversize shirt design..--, but, please, couldn't I find just one??? I really needed one for my next friday, so i must not wear that peevish white again.
even i started to think that i would get my batik made off. it could better than desperately looked for something not in its era.

i lacked my white's. should buy some asap..if this white era doesn't end asap, i guess, i'll full my cabinet with white. mum's true, i shouldn't crush on white, maybe it's feedback for me, cuz i didn't listen her at time.
can't wait for my uniform. give it to me please!

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