December 01, 2008


I've written a lot,but i pushed wrong button,and it erased all.
I'll tell u and publish it later.

today is hard for me.workless in office,friendless,laptopless.really need a laptop.ASAP.i didnt get a pc,so dunno what 2 do.crap!no idea how to get matters for my assessment,if i only round on confusing.
I feel jealous to my guymate.i really,really dont want to discuss gender,but i feel it in my industry.feels everybody underestimate me cz i am a woman.
Uh,remember my last posting?i told u that i can handle being only girl in "town".
Well,the fact..
I cant.
It's tough,hanging out with some male that i never knew before.
Dont get it wrong,they're so friendly.they treat me well.but after all,of course we're different.
I just cant asked them for going out,accompanying me shop 'til i drop,
they cant give some good advices whether that shoes fix my feet or no.
I cant share my secret about adorable guy I met. (i have no doubt,they will laugh at me)
i cant ask them to sleepover at my place.
Damn,being lonely again.

I cant afford without feminism.there's just me.only me,who wear heels everyday.i even cant tell them how glad i am,getting limited edition-lip balm from The Body Shop! (c'mon,they dont even know what The Body Shop is!)

i need girlmate.ASAP.

Well,nothing's perfect i know.

Ps. I just want to tell u,first time i came to office, i wore high heels-peep toe,and it knocked the floor. "knock,knock,knock...",and after that,all employers saw me like i am freak girl who has lost my way.geez.u wont believe it. But it did happened.


  1. la.... awsome... Sendirian di medan? Trap in the crowd but feel lonely. Nggak kebayang, Tapi aku ngebayangin berada di kota antah berantah dengan orang2 asing. Kayaknya seru... wanna get some...

    Keep in touch ya..
    mampir aja:

  2. Hehee..
    Emang smuaaaa cowo ga pernah tau sepatu mana yg cocok bwt qta dsaat qta sdang brperang batin.. Huh..
    Yang paling murah lah yg menurut mereka paling cocok.. Hweheehee..