January 15, 2010

Beauty Concept

i had chat with my married girlfriend yesterday, and suddenly she told me that i am bit careless with my appearance. i rarely visit salon, never pay attention to any skin caring, or even follow any body training.
and, suddenly, this question appear in my mind, am i beautiful?
before this, i always have high confidence. i never aware what things i must do to take care my "beauty". i always live like this. simple. as long as i take shower every day, brush teeth, wash my hair, i already thought it's enough.
but, apparently this era has changed. so many things come up, and we must pay attention to things that we never realize. type of body caring is varied more than before, and i realize how late I am.
okay, my friends always tell me that I am funny. attractive. talented. but i wanna be called beautiful. i wanna be told pretty. let's we forget about inner beauty, in my humble opinion, inner beauty is a must! but, let's watch outside look. is it satisfying you?
i don't want to push any bad idea into your mind, i just keep writing what i feel. suddenly i want to be beautiful. i want to carry on it whatever it takes. i want to pay more attention with myself, something that i almost forget to care. don't get me wrong, i still emphasize "beauty comes from inside", but still.. please, understand it, you'll get best feeling, when someone tell you that you beautiful.

one thing we should remember.
beauty is relative. everyone have their own side of view about it. so, first, before starting my new mission of this beauty-changing, i want to grow more confidence in my mind. and heart. that if someone disagree of your beauty, it doesn't mean another one have similar thoughts. in our country, most of girls desire to have perfect white skin, but in different hemisphere, tanning black is one of most hip skin color. now, every teenagers compete to be skinny, but you have no idea, someday curvy will be trend again.
that's different for every people, every point of view has its propriety. and now, it's my turn to choose what steps would i like to take, to improve my beauty. i say improve, because i know, though sounds cliche, but every women must have their own beauty. it's fated. predestination.

so, how about you? have you ever felt lack of self confidence, like i feel now? how do you resist it?
or maybe, you have any idea of beauty concept? please share with me, i would be delighted.


  1. hmm for me outer beauty is about health. pola hidup yg sehat, makan yg bener, olahraga, istirahat cukup.. klise sih tapi sebenernya susah juga buat dijalanin. terutama buat gue yg sering begadang. hehe.

    jaga penampilan itu penting menurut gue, karena gimanapun itu yg pertama dilihat dan reflects us. asal caranya bener aja. ya itu tadi pola hidupnya yg bener. rajin mandi, jaga kebersihan, dgn asupan vitamin berimbang & air putih, otomatis rambut dan kulit juga jadi lebih bagus dan bercahaya. kecantikan itu emang harus kita yg rajin rawat kok. ga harus yg ekstrim2 sampe diet ketat ato bahkan operasi plastik hehe.. yg alami2 aja :)

  2. both inner and outer beauty really important for me ^^

    i love styling, fashion-ing, saloon-ing,etc which mean related to outer beauty.hehehe..

    dua dua nya penting..terutama kalo udah nikah ^^ kan jadi ibadah kalo cantik di depan suami..dengan senyum yg tulus. ^^
    tp yg harus d inget, niat menjaga kecantikan dan berusaha utk berbaik hati ituuu untuk apa? untuk d ngejar penilaian org semata? atau berusaha tulus ikhlas smg jadi ibadah? memang niat harus d cek dan d perbaharui terus..syg banget kl niat kita salah dan jadinya malah bikin kita capek sendiri..

    my beauty concept is try to make beauty as ibadah ^^ both inner or outer. Bismillah!

  3. ya! u're beautiful sist..
    n yeahh we should know beauty is a relative thing

  4. yappp! yg alami emang lebih bagus...cantik itu kodrat toh,anugrah! :)

  5. For me, every girls are beautiful, but I believe happy girls are the prettiest :)

  6. Well, when I was a teenager there's a time I thought I was far from the word "beautiful"..

    I think magazines & TV's have bad effect for little girls! Hehehe

    But now I know that God has gifted us with our own beauty :)

    Wearing appropriate clothes + smiling will boost our confidence & sparkle our beauty hehehe ^^

  7. well, I think beauty is not the matter of physique. some people meant to be born pretty, others not.
    so, instead of regretting why we aren’t born pretty on earth, we better improve our inner beauty
    trust me, if we smart and polite, we will look more beautiful!
    beautiful it’s not just we have white skin or straight hair, but it’s simply when we love ourselves.

  8. nice post!! I must say that beauty is first come from inner side..but of course we also need to pay attention on the outside appearance..

    coz whatever it is,mostly people will see us from our look and appearance..

    both inner and outer beauty is important..we should care about it..but outer beauty is not always related to salon,skin care,branded things, or any other..the most important thing is CLEAN and SMELL GOOD ;)..

    just a little tips from professional ;) *of course not me, I've heard or read it somewhere*... stand in front of your mirror every morning, smile, and say to yourself that you're a beauty girl..it will helps to make you more confident and also a good way to boost your mood up :D..

    hope it helps yaa :D


  9. @all : thanks for your sharing! i really appreciate it. now, i try to improve both of inner and outer beauty. let's do our best for it. be health, clean, and most of all, natural. you, all, open my mind, and erase all my bad thinking before. thank you, have a nice day, and be pretty!