January 05, 2010


have you ever felt tired of what people expect from you?
perfection, completion.
but, after all, have you ever thought that maybe you are expecting more too from another. you hope more, you hope getting more.

i didn't make any resolution this year. should i?
all i wanna do is give more.
cause, real happiness is coming from giving, not taking.
it sounds cliche, but i bet you never think about it deeply.
what we ask, what we wish, what we get from another, it can be disappear fast, meaningless, even you haven't got time to enjoy the taste. but, if you give, it makes you richer, makes you meaningful, and you will sense it forever.
and, as my friend always say, "it's not about what you get, it's what you give"
yes, it is.
you won't get satisfied if you're trying to get some, you'll hope more, because we're human. we will always have passion, we're greedy.
so, we must give.

try to start first with yourself. try to give to YOU. your soul need you. to all hard-worker, give yourself some refreshing. take a book, sit beside your lovers. enjoy the time. turn off all gadgets, try not to think about work. or school assignment. exam. whatever.
if you feel enough with yourself, share it with everyone else. family. best friends. boyfriend. girlfriend. they need you. Don't put high expectation from them. you are the one who must be expected.
it's hard, cuz we used to be given. we used to be thirsty of attention. we used to think we deserve better. of course, you all deserve it, but however, think first, what have you done so you deserve it? have you done a thing?

so, now readers, let's give.
give more, hope you can get better. :)


  1. Hmm I do agree.. happiness comes from giving ;)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR della

  2. iya mbak eka...
    happy new year too! :)

  3. hm,
    agree, somewhat.

    just droppin' by to say "HI" :)
    have a nice day ^_^

  4. @kesehaRian Ra-Kun.. hi, too..
    have a nice day.. :)