January 11, 2010


it's been like forever since last time i update my song playlist. i must admit that i don't follow trends yet, i still hang to '90 music, i hear George Benson, Bad English, and Air Supply almost every day! too bad.. :(
So, i decide to get some helps from friends, who are pleased to share their favorite songs. i've already heard some of them, and fell in love.
so, consider to get these tracks.

1. Empire State of Mind (Jay Z feat Alicia Keys)
2. Trouble is A Friend (Lenka)
3. She's Like The Wind (OST (500) Days of Summer)
4. This Is Me (Demi Lovato)
5. Stay Close, Don't Go (Secondhand Serenade)
6. Try Sleeping with A Broken Heart (Alicia Keys)
7. Anna's Song (Silverchair)
8. The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script)
9. I See You (Leona Lewis)
10. Never Knew I Needed (Ne-Yo)
11. Two is Better Than One (Taylor Swift feat Boys Like Girls)
12. Coba Katakan (Maliq and The Essential)
13. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)
14. Coba Bayangkan (The Dance Company)
15. Love Story (Taylor Swift)
16. Single Ladies (The Chipettes)
17. Kucinta Kau (BCL)

well, it's only some of them of course, i can't wait until i listen all of them.
and, please, if you have some favorite tracks, share with me! please, help me from this blindness! :p

PS. i love downloading some old songs that frankly i never heard before, and some cover songs. listen!
1. Jamelia - Numb (cover version from Linkin Park)
2. Evanescence - My Immortal (rock version)
3. Jesse McCartney - She's No You
4. Jackson Five - I Want You Back
5. Demi Lovato - This Is Me
6. NeYo - Miss Independent
7. Miley Cyrus - The Climb
8. Carole King feat Louise Goffin - Where You Lead
9. Steven Curtis Chapman - Remembering You


  1. hai there.. thx for leaving comment at my blog.. ^^, hehe.. me too i don't follow trend when talking about music.. ^^, and ohyah i really heart yer #7 playlistt.. ^^

  2. hello too, dela.. :)
    thanks for coming to my blog..hehe.

    oh, i LOVE empire state of mind. the v-clip is loveable, set on black and white. and this song is the OST of sex and the city 2..can't wait.. :)


  3. waaaa.... i think my playlist is just like you... never been updated to "nowadays cool song" hahaha

    thanks 4 the list, I'll try to listen ^^ I love The man who can't be moved--the lyric is sooo deep T_T

    and I've just download the Chicago's-Baby please don't go

    then i realized
    how oldies am I -___-

  4. U like Demi's song too?
    Man, I wish I have a lot of taste in music like that, I used to, but now it's hard to keep up, a lot of songs have been released and I don't have enough time to spare with them.

    Keep having fun, it's good for ur mind, dear.

  5. @hanny .. you're almost welcome. i always love Silverchair, but actually just recognize Anna's Song..hehe...

    @garnis yeah, i can't wait for SATC 2! it will be amazing, i hope.. :)

    @tealovecoffe don't worry, i like old songs like you! they are unbeatable. always heard good as well as they first released!

    @Nathary Demi Lovato is new Miley! i almost have no time for new music, but still, i am trying to improve it! wish me luck! :p

  6. Denpasar is lovely right now, cooling down in rainy season, without flood.. hmmm..

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  7. saya juga suka stay close don't go... begitu juga trouble is a friend :) salam kenal balik ya mbak...

  8. Coba deh denger lagunya Neyo, keren2 tuh...
    Atau gak Rico Blanco - Come Closer (iklan Clouse Up), keren... :D
    Saybia - Second You Sleep juga mantep :D

  9. Hi Dela, thanks for visiting my blog, you have good English, I do appreciate it. In such young age you have mastered many things...

    Ahah, the playlist you serve is wonderful indeed!

    Green best wishes from Jogja!

  10. waw...miss independent...playlist waktu saya KKN tuh :)

    thx for coming to my weird place...
    i follow u yaa...
    would u mind link exchange?
    i put ur link okaiii :D

  11. @-Gek- can't wait till i can visit there.. Denpasar, i am coming! :)

    @anyin iya, lagunya Secondhand Serenade yummy semua.

    @Zippy okey..start downloading!

    @alamhijau what a nice of you, i am still learning, of course.. :)

    @minomino okey,you're most welcome..

  12. Wah wah, nice info dela...
    Aku udah lama ga update koleksi laguku hehe.
    Makasih yaaa udah mampir :)

  13. @ desi : you are most welcome.. :)