January 13, 2010


i feel tired.
it's actually no matter what time do i go home every day, but more to how depressed I am. am i not as strong as i think?
it isn't fair to complain, cause many people feel worse way than me, work hard for living, for everyone they love. it's unavoidable, you must ready to face it, soon or later. cause, when you're growing up, you add responsible to yourself, and make sure that life is not for YOU only, it's about everybody.

but now, all i wanna do is complain. i wanna live my live in other people's way. go home at 5, crawling under the blanket, chat with friends and family, hang out when the night comes. i hope i still have power remains at the end of the day. the fact is i am too tired to do anything in the night. go home late, bath, and turn on television, just to press the "sleep" button, not to watch it. What a miserable life, huh?

i know i must be grateful. i am lucky. more than anyone. i should be happier. so why, i always feel something lost?

he's my general super intendent. 60 years old, grandpa with two grandchildren. hard worker. often work overtime, almost everyday. no holiday for him, even on Sunday. one day, when we walked together to project at afternoon, he said to me, "Mbak, liatin deh, orang-orang mah udah pada pulang kerja.." and i was like, oh, yes, they did! and we can't do it. we can't! there's a lot of thing left behind, and what do you think if we go and left it?
he's awesome. i swear to you, he's enormous. most of my team are. :)

ps. sorry for this random post. i am on my lowest position, feel depressed with my work, failed with my outer relationship. i hope you can understand. :)


  1. You should get a time off. Go somewhere, try not to think about all the hectic shit in your life. Relax. When you're done, you'll feel much better ;)

  2. Cheer up! Life continues, no matter happens. You should take some more rest, so you can live up your days:)

  3. hanya sekedar kunjungan balik saja
    salam kenal..

  4. @cassey : yes, time off! that's what i really need. i realize how rarely i get relax nowadays.

    @vebryadayadaaa : try to cheer up everyday though it's hard. thanks. :)

    @kartiko : thanks. salam kenal juga!

  5. you do always open my mind dela.
    I like your blog and always read it even I never give a comment, haha :p. Cheers up, your life is so wonderful!!!

  6. take a rest lah..
    enjoy your life..listening to the music with a cup cappuccino will make you better ;)

  7. duh.. ayo semangaaat!
    bersyukurlah masih punya kerjaan dan ada pendapatan.. masih banyak pengangguran di luar sana yg bersedih..

    ... sperti gw misalnya *lah kok jadi curcol* hihihi


  8. cheer up dela..
    u're doing good in u'r life and u deserve have some relax :D

  9. @izar: it's no matter whether you give any comment or no, i would pleased if you visit! :)

    @yessi: poor me, i can't stand for caffeine, though in small amount. but, maybe we can change cappuccino with green tea, right?

    @devyshanti: haha, tetep semangat ya! someday, you will get better job for yourself. :)

    @u'ul: thanks a lot! i think i deserve it.

  10. ttp smgt bu dela. :-)