January 16, 2010

my first time is..

it’s been a while since the first time i post my writings in this e-world. I remember, first time i was creating my blog here, is when my grandmother passed away. It was shocking, cause she didn’t get sick before, and it’s awfully tearful, i was so close with her, and i didn’t get chance to meet her for last time. that year i was in college, far away from my hometown. i was successfully disoriented, feel miserable. along time before, i always write my journal in a diary, i have a big box full of my diaries, started from i was elementary school. i wrote about her over, over, and over, but still, there’s pain which left behind. and, suddenly, i came to nearest computer, and started creating new blog account. it’s my first posting, nothing inside but my grandmother.

So, there i was, start to opening my writings to everyone, whereas i always keep my writings as secret before. my diaries was totally restricted for everybody, i was so introvert, and now, i would like to start a blog? what would i share? but, however, it’s been there for two years, and i always have idea to post. :)

one times, there were so many ideas inside my heads, like it could explode anytime. even, i didn’t know what to write first, and what will follow. i wrote in hurry, afraid that everything will be lost, if i didn’t pour them soon. it’s all in my head! so, i started to make another account, to keep them tidy, and straight. i know, my archives is messy, but still, i’ve tried my best.

first, i write for myself. no matter what people say, i don’t care. i just want to write, and here it is. my writings. why then do i blogwalk there, and there, it’s all because i want to share. it’s okay, if people don’t like my idea, but i enjoy reading what they tell about life, what they do in daily life, and every creativity they make. i like to see how varied people are, how they can describe themselves in a writings, in a picture, in a blog. it’s fascinating me. some people just want to share their minds, some people give important info, some creating funny things to be enjoyed and laughed. some of them make community, where they can meet and hang out together, though they haven’t met before. see? how many things can change, just because of a writings? i’ve befriended with some nice people, maybe i won’t recognize them in real world, but who cares? their writings always make me comfortable, and it’s enough for me. they color my day, and i always treasure new things from them.

promote myself? i never have any such ideas. i visit them for giving my minds some clues for writing, and if they visit me back, it’s just a kind of them. it’s like bonus for me. i enjoy their caring, but it doesn’t mind, if they don’t same things as i do. i give comments, cause i appreciate their post. i don’t care if they don’t comment my writings, i’ve already appreciated mine. if they do, i will smile, and send big thanks, because they add appreciation to my work.

so, here, how blogging can change my world. it would never be same again. i thank for people who always keep their mind on tracks, and keep writing whatever it takes. you don’t have to create masterpiece, a simple one would make me delighted, as long as you write from your heart. never get enough, always want the best for your life, and live your life happily.

Happy Saturday, everybody! :)

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  1. hi thank you for dropped some comment in my blog.. i really apreciate it...



  2. i've been blogging since 2002 (!). kayanya puncak2 ramenya sekitar 2003-2005an gitu deh, temen2 deket juga ngeblog semua, trus banyak banget dapet kenalan dari dunia ngeblog, ketemuan dan terus berlanjut bahkan sampe sekarang. tapi kayanya sekarang udah melesu, tergantikan social networking dan microblogging.

    meskipun sampe sekarang tetep ngeblog, rasanya tetep aja beda :(. but still doing it anyway coz i love it.

    so thank you for being my blog buddy and keep blogging ;)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, dela :)

    Keep on blogging. Lovey!

  4. Writing from the heart :) no matter what others say hehehe
    thank u for being a loyal reader in my blog Del ! :)

  5. @echa : you're really talented, keep posting. :)

    @devishanty: haha, i think microblogging is disturbing our blog activiy right? it's simpler to update your things via twitter or facebook, than keep long posting in blog. but i am a loyal writer too, as you are, so we must keep our existence, right?

    @ Amalia : you too, dear!

    @ Eka : it's all because you write from the heart too! and, oh, you're most welcome mbak!