January 18, 2010

Sat Nite Fever!!!!

Do you believe if i had to work in Saturday night?
i was on my way home from Cheese Cake Factory Tebet with my bf, we so much enjoyed time which spent there! have i told you that i really love cheese cake there? it's adorable, not too sweet, but smooth enough. :)

we chatted inside cab, and suddenly my phone was ringing, and, oh, here he was. my boss. he was a bit worried of my project condition and asked me to witness excavation's progress there. i was like, oh..well, i am on my date boss, but he insisted, and of course, it's my responsible too, so i said to my bf if he mind to accompany me there, he said yes, and there we were, continued our date in my project.
here some pics from that night.

me, actually, had created a blog to share my job, in case you are curious of what exactly am i doing for this time? so you can also visit here, if you mind. :)

funny things happened, while we're having our pizza, i asked a waitress to bring me a bottle of mineral water, and she came back with a green bottle named Equil in her tray. okay, call me hick, but i never drink such as drink all my life. So, we're debating, and bet how it's price. it's imported from Switzerland, geez, for prestige's sake, we must import "plain water" from Switzerland? okay, however, it's only worth IDR 15,000, far away from our approximation, but still, i think it's better for us, using domestic product. indeed, it is.

So, how's your Saturday night, readers? share with me, and hope you can face this Monday well, because i usually hate facing it. :)


  1. malam minggu yang melelahkan ya del..

    yup, cintailah produk2 indonesia..
    kaya iklan sesuatu :)

  2. Ur bf is pretty cool to accompany u all the way.

    Love that cheese cake. *beam*

  3. err...
    can't picture my self working in Saturday night =_=a

  4. wah, bahasanya berat..hehe
    *ngaku ndeso ni saya..

    malam minggu tetap malam tercanggih buat saya..

    salam hangat

  5. setau gua sih equil itu buatan indo lho... tapi emang karena brand dan kemasan, jadi emang harganya mahal. hehe.

  6. @Syifa Ahira : iya, melelahkan, tapi jangan sampai lelah mempromosikan produk indonesia ya?? :)

    @Nathary : Yes, i love him soo much!

    @keseharian Ra-Kun : and why can't?

    @indrahuazumenggonggong : what a long ID! saya juga tetap mengalami malam minggu yang canggih!

    @Arman : oya?? hehe, maklum kemaren liat di labelnya ada tulisan from Switzerland fountain gtu..hehe.. :)

  7. cheese cake factory!!! nyuuuummm itu baked alaska ya kak? aku jadi lapaaaarrr!

  8. i totally love cheesecake factory ! the blueberry cheesecake is freakin awesome !

    thanks for the wonderful comments dear..
    visit, comment , follow me at .

  9. that equil sure do looks expensive tho. hahaha.
    i am in love with cheese cake factory

  10. I love cheese cake factory!

    My saturday night was boring. Just sat in front of the computer -,-

  11. wueheu, malem minggu malah kerja. semangaat !!

    btw blogwalking yaah :D

  12. @evita : iya! it's so yummy. ayo, kapan-kapan ke cheese cake factory bareng! :)

    @michelle : i am out of thumbs for that blueberry cake!

    @Kemy : yes, it is. hah, i think i prefer ordinary Aqua, hehe..

  13. @ Andriany : at least you don't have to go working.

    @ volver : semangat! iya, thanks for coming. :)

  14. wow! i love cheesecake too :)
    love ur post darl :)
    tenqiu for visit my blog :)

    yudia aiiu

  15. a yummy cheese cake ... hmmm

  16. Equil is not imported from Switzerland, it's made in Indonesia. The factory is in west Java somewhere. How I know this? Because for a brief period in '98 I was their Public Relations Manager and my duty was to promote and market this product to all upscale hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, disco/clubs etc.
    But the taste is ok, it's not worse than French/European products.

  17. its so interesting to see ur job, lovin the girl power right there..! :D
    anyways, semangat yahh klo ttp harus kerja saturday malem.. at least there was the yummy cheescake and ur bf to be with yah! good day! :D

  18. @blackectasy: you're most welcome.. you have fine posts too. :)

    @etha: yay.. it's so yummy! now, i am drooling over it.

    @rimafauzi: well, my mistakes. sorry for this misunderstanding, its thought came from its superior packaging, different from another mineral water. :)

    @noomie : yeah, girl power!!!

  19. nah, no need to be sorry for anything.. was just letting you know. it's cool that we have a product that looks nice, gak kalah sama luar negeri punya.. :))