February 20, 2013

Five Minutes in "Heaven"

With my hectic schedule last week, I rarely spent time at gym anymore in the afternoon. So, one day I searched some exercise videos in Youtube for home-exercise, and found this video.

It's simply five minutes exercise using kettlebell, I remember my brother used to have a 6 kilos-dumbbell, so I used it instead. In this video, the girl uses 15 lbs-kettlebell (around 6.80 kilos, so I guess it's nearly similar weight).

First, it seems easy, but in the end of my second round, I was sweating like hell. So, it worked. And you know what, when I wake up the next day, my feet aching like I've had a marathon. But as my trainer said, if it doesn't ache, it doesn't work. So, I guess I'll do this exercise over and over again when I don't have any time to hit the gym.

PS. If you don't have kettlebell or dumbbell, you can use big bottle of water. It works!

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