February 12, 2013

Things That Makes Me Happy

We were having our 1st wedding anniversary yesterday. It's been a year and days went by so rapidly. Alhamdulillah, and hopefully many happy years come ahead!

While celebrating it, my husband gave me this. Preeeeetyyy..

I didn't give anything to him. Busted. The thing is he had birthday few days ago, so I thought the yesterday gift is counted, no? :p
Receiving this beautiful cushion covers from dreamesh. Loooove it.

Last weekend, finally had time to visit our own home (now, we're still living in my parents house and leave ours abandoned. Anybody interested to hire it? :D), and we're so satisfied with the gardener's work. I can't imagine if I have to do it all alone. And we found our first flower! Happy!

I had this cookies for breakfast. Dunno what its name, but they are so good. I am very weak to the good food.

Finally, our office's wi fi is working again, and I can update all of this now! Hahahahaha..

Then, what makes you happy today? :)

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