February 18, 2009

dreaming thingy

yesterday, i had a gracious conversation with a friend. it's whole about dreaming. he, who always has wildest dream in his head, couldn't understand why people always keep their dream beneath what they can achieve.
i am not really sure, but after all, i think, people are scared. They are scared of dream. i can't tell you for sure, but have you ever felt that you satisfy with life, and feel it's enough, you don't have to achieve more? have you ever bored with proverb " Gantungkanlah mimpimu setinggi bintang"?
i do believe, some of us have felt it in life. people, who always dream, must not understand, why we are scared. but i do understand. we have been prisoned with ourselves. our mind.
i envy with people who have braveness to dream. they dream, without thinking what will happen next.it's awesome. they will try to reach beyond, and always beyond, cuz they have a dream.

PS. i've read some great posting, tell about dream. click here and here.


  1. baca blog orang sambil denger ost film drama...

    bikin bencana hehehe...

  2. kok bikin bencana sih??

    ga ngerti..