February 18, 2009

moving thingy

i can't resist my eagerness to write you this, even if i should post twice a day. from the first, i just know, consequences of my job, being replaced, here and there, moving everywhere and every time,,,
one, we can stand altogether here, having fun at one place, but sooner or later, most of us will leave.
oh hell, it's a nuisance, when we know one by one will leave. and, at last, there will be less of us, staying here, in a damn bloody cold office. i dunno if i can resist it. being far away from all my friends, alone, and stand independent.

here's the list.
1st assessment
Saga Hayyu : UIN Project, Jakarta
Sani Yuda : Paiton Project, Situbondo (but he helps in BTN Project in Jakarta for a while)
Kalihputro F : DVRT, Jakarta
Beti Inayati : DVO 3, Surabaya
Yulia Dela Dacrea : DVO 2, Jakarta

2nd assessment
Nirwan : resign
Zahratunnisak : DVO 2, Jakarta
Ambang : DVO 1, Medan
Hadi Nugroho : DVO 3, Surabaya

3rd assessment
Anjar Tri Astuti : DVO 3, Surabaya
Eko Arif : UNDIP Semarang Project (damn! how lucky he is!)
Teguh Faizal Afwa : DVO 1, Medan (huhuhu.. mau meweeeek..)
Heri Ahmadi : DVO 1, Medan

PS.. I'll update this list, soon after everyone get their replacement thingy.

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