February 16, 2009

Red Sheep

well, try this. i found it from cassey's blog, and it pleases me. it's a website to know people's personality. i checked mine, and this is the result.

You are Red Sheep who remains like a young girl with pure and innocent heart.
You do not forget consideration for others, and tries to be kind without putting any pressure to the other person.
You tend to be very dependent on people around you, and therefore are able to adapt to new environment quite easily.
Nevertheless, you will experience many ups and downs in your life.
You are not a weak type; you can show perseverance and aggressiveness.
You tend to be stubborn, and not easily show your real feelings.
You also tend to be calculative, and are sensitive to profit and loss.
You can make shrewd decisions concerning money.
When you don't get your way, you can be sultry and feel sorry for yourself.
You have lots of friends and are a very sociable person.
However you tend to feel lonely easily and lack independence.
You can show great talent through learning from your own experience in the society, rather than from school education.
You will be able to follow a successful life by first taking an assistant kind of job, and then later starting your own business.
After getting married, you will be able to run your house extremely well.
You may become too obsessed with your children's education.
Your type of people tends to choose either being a housewife or your career.

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