October 09, 2008

Au revoir! See u later!

Here I am,sitting on the bus which taking me home.. I really GO HOME for now,which means I've done with my college's life,back to my home for a while,and preparing my new life in our country's capital.. It's so hard..there's no farewell,I just sent few messages to my closest friends..
Always hard to say goodbye,although it doesn't mean that we won't meet again..but,y'know..things'll never be the same again.. I've been living my 4 years-college life with them,can't imagine how life would be without them..
Basecamp guys,basecamp girls..I am missing them now..only God know how much I love,how much I care..sounds childish,but hope there's a way for us living like this forever!

Andesit,the other reason of my sadness today..
Honestly,I feel absurds. The thing is his existence influences me much. I used to be with him,and it will need hard adaptation to make myself common of his absent.
Dunno what'll happen,and how long it takes,but I'll try..simple,because I love him..

Leaving my boarding home,where I've stayed for 2 years,gives me a consious that I'll face new life (u can read at my two last blogs)

I am watching outside my window. Things are running behind fast,my bus is taking me away from this city,from all memories,all silly things in past..
I'll be moving foward,to my future,outta this city..
Maybe I'll come back,

So... 'til we meet again?

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