October 13, 2008

Hari pertama

No matter how tough you are,sure you'll get nervous on your first job day..
This morning, I opened my eyes from my short term-sleep time. Today is my first job day. I saw my roommate,felt jealous coz she could sleep a little bit longer than me. It would better if I went back to my sweet dream instead of getting up and preparing all up for my first day.
But,of course,it didn't happen. I still woke up,took a bath,and arranged what kind of clothes which would I use today.

White shirt and black pantalon is okay, but it reminds me to my final paper presentation. I wore it too,and I felt nerd,so I put it down,and started to make another match.

Finally, I picked my black pantalon, but I matched it with my blue-flowery shirt. It had some simple ruffles, I thaught it was quite sweet,and wished that it would good enough.

I used my shoes, a pair of cute-kitten heels,with little bow accent in its corner. Weird, I had no trouble when I bought it, I've been trying it,and walked over and over. I swore there were no problems,til I used it this morning. Was it only my feeling or it really goes bigger than before?
I still wore this shoes,what must I do?
Although I felt uncomfort,tough.
Arrived at my new office,a shocking news came to me. We would get info for our replacement today! And we would go there, ASAP, TOMMOROW!
Hell no,no..please God,,I prayed..please,don't let it happen to me. I've been fed up with this moving thing!
No,no..I didn't want it did again.

They would tell us where would we stay at noon. Before that,we should have some medical test. Some annoying test,according to me,of course.
I hated injection. So much. But,whatever,they had to take my blood,so they did it.
Thanks for God,my blood was taken by a cute-cool-charming-yummy doctor! I didn't even sure he was a doctor,coz he was so young!

Hahaha,after few medical test,we got back to our office,and now..time to know where would we go..
Haha.. I was so nervous,my heart beated fast..
Geez, I really wanted staying here,in Jakarta. Second choice laid on Surabaya..
But Medan?
Weew! Medan?Medan was so far for me.
Thanks,thanks,thanks God! I was replaced in head office. I still stayed here,at Jakarta. I didn't believe on my fortune. Hufs,thanks a lot God, 4jji SWT.

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