October 18, 2008

Seems my estimation of how busy i am,so i can't blog for long time,is a big no,no. Writing have been an addictive to me,it becomes one of my refresh method from all business,beside shopping,of course,he..
Knowing my cell phone afford my passion for writting,helps me much. I often open my blog from it,and write anything,even just a short note,or something unimportant.
Now,i am sitting on bus which taking me home. It's my first holiday after working whole week,i never feel so grateful of weekend,until now,until i know,how job can make us strongless..ha..
Bus hasn't going. Damn, i hate waiting,esp in messy bus like this. Often, i wondered why there's no good bus from jakarta to sukabumi. Many people come and leave every day,why don't they prepare some vip bus? One day,my uncle--he lives in Jakarta--told me there was vip jakarta - sukabumi bus,with AC (yup,with ac!imagine that!).but its passangers didn't obey the rules.they smoked inside.they made graffiti on seat and window.imagine how they messed up the bus.i didn't understand why it happen.all comfort is given for them,and they wasted it away.
I remember when i went to malaysia for training in university of malaya (edmat,remember?)
I tried many public transportation in kuala lumpur,bus way,sub way,mrt. i couldn't say they work perfectly,but of course --even blind man could see--they worked better than us. No jealousy,only a bit confuse. Indonesia is older than malaysia,according its independence day.i am sure we have good human resources too. We are rich too. You must have heard,in past time,malaysia imported many teachers from us. But,nowadays,they develop better than us in many way.
I do not understand,outta there,people's running away,
And we still crawling like a snails.
Oh,get to go,my bus ready to leave.

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