October 25, 2008

Love is Uneasy

Again, me, being trapped in very heavy traffic jam---on my way home---, makes me feel 'oh-so boring', so i decide to update my blog.
This morning, i received bad news from my bff. Really bad,cz she told me that she broke up with her boy. Dunno what happened, guess their relationship did well --- i know,cz i am their Miss Matchmaker --- although they had 'long distance relationship' and had had some quarrels, but i never took it seriously. I knew that they loved each other.
Hm, i tried to find out what's going on, but i didn't get clear explaination. My bff replied my message with only one or two words, i could feel she was desperately in sadness, and soon i felt it too. I almost decide to visit her in bandung instead of coming home. (I canceled it,cz i really needed going home).
She told me why her BF broke her up, but i thought it was unreasonable.

Why do some people think that 'love is uneasy'?
Why do they make everything become hard to lived,become impossible?

What am i thinking?
Love is easy,people. Love is quite simple and sweet. Never make it harder, never think how complicated it is, and you'll feel love is easy. If you love,just love,other feelings will come by itselves. Just love,and you'll find a commitment.
Just love,and you'll be more confident.
Just love,and you'll sacrifice.
Just love.
I could find perfect words to narate what i felt this morning. I found AGAIN someone who thought that love is uneasy.

PS.do i look so naive?mybe some people will think like that.


  1. love is easy na...

    tergantung bagaimana kita menyikapinya... OK?