October 17, 2008

one day in office

if I make you bored, I really feel sorry, so don't bother to read this. it's only a short updates, not important, don't waste your time by reading my writing.
it's my 5th day on job, 4th day actually, remember, my 1st day???
I still bore, have no idea what to do, but luckily, my side-mates is going out now, so I can use her comp, writing this short updates. yipeee, finally something makes me happy, after repeating my complain on and on..

haha..you must think how dare am I, using comp for netting, in my work time, instead of finishing my work about precast ( I haven't learned it before, I don't know why my campus didn't teach us about it, precast is often used nowadays).
But I really don't care, I just want make myself relax here, although for a while.
Hiding from my boss, silly I know, but so excited, being here, and updating my writing.

Can't wait this afternoon!
Tika planned to ask me going out this night, and it will refresh me much, yup, hope so,, I haven't recognize this city for detail, but I really mean for investigating it deeper, hahaha.. one of my survive-reasons.
Can't wait for tomorrow!
I'm going to go home, see my family, see my home, see my room, all usual things, all ordinary things I've missed!! Haha, so dramatic, I know, but you'll never know how much you miss them, until you leave them. I mean it.
I'm going to fix my "kebaya" for my graduation day. I'm so excited, well..although I'll come only for my faculty's.
Hmm..sure you'll still read this?
it's only my personal note for today, nothing's special..
keep on thinking, what time is it, and how long til I can leave this place.

PS. I haven't taken some pics here. Hopefully, someday I can post it, so you can see my cubicle garden.

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