December 15, 2008


daydreaming brings much joys for me.

i was dreaming of my childhood.
it was amazing time, when nothing can be feared. joyful, colorful.
remember when i was in elementary school, playing is my daily needs. i liked having adventure with my best bud, wulan, we was walking on small path, climbing trees, chasing each other, looking wild fruits. we walked throughout the river. we were naughty then. we liked escaping from our maid, and having fun outside, without telling anybody at home. i remember, we often lie, i said i would play in her home, and she said the same thing. it was so funny when our maid checked at our each home and they couldn't find us. he..
sometimes, we sat on our secret place, we called it our "headquarter". we just kept silence while seeing field, and hearing lullaby sang by birds. We were pretending as if someone else.we pretended to be princess,sailormoon,even power ranger!it was our moment. there was a watercourse there, and we played around there. there were a bunch of flowers too. Honest, like white lily.
now, i can't go there. a home was built there. we have no headquarter again. sigh.

i was daydreaming about my adolescence.
it's so fun, when we started falling in love with a guy. just foolish-love story, but i know it leaved print. we did many fool things. we had same diary, i often wonder when we will have same diary again. we crushed on same boy, but after all, we had our own boys. we spent our precious time, just to follow their attitude, their activities (their = the boy). we wasted our time, by hoping someday they will look at us, and realize there were two girls who loves them so much.
hehe, kinda freak, huh?
i can say we were obsessed. until now? i don't know.

i was daydreaming about my adulthood.
it's time, when we get mature, and being separated. we couldn't spent time together. i lived my life, so did her, in different city. kinda hard, three times in a year-meeting, but yeah.. we through it.
we lived different love stories, i was almost sad if remembering i can't follow her journey. we only talked a while, and kinda busy to take another business.

now, i dream about future.imagine pretty house with green garden at front and back. Cats chase and run around,while i feed them. Children play..
Ummm,wait?children?have i mentioned "children"?
Oh no,c'mon,back to present. It doesn't mean i don't wanna any,but hellow..
I am still 20,and there are many things i can do before having baby!
Married is one of them.

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