December 07, 2008

Toba Lake

I just wanna tell u,right now i write from Toba Lake!
Cant believe i am here,never wondered before i can visit this place.
Yesterday,i went with my friends (all of them are boys,you must know my condition..),decided to go although we had no idea what will we through,cz noone from us had gone there before!
Haha,we had no maps too,just asked and asked to other people.
Tough journey,feel like "si Bolang",you know?
This adv. is both exciting and scary. We went there by bus. I let my life hanged by destiny and belief.
I was scared when night was coming and we hadn't arrived. Cant tell it to my boy-friends,afraid that they would see me as a coward. I tried to show my braveness,and got relax instead of saying what my heart feels.

But,it's worth!
When we through mountain paths,we saw many glitters above..
That's the lake!
Waw..kinda glimmer of hope,my friend said.
When we got bored with this journey,finally we saw glimpse of lamps,glowing in the dark,and it reflected on the lake's surface.
Can't describe what i's so desperately beautiful.
Hope u can come here someday and feel what i feel now.
Ps.i'll publish some pics ASAP after going home from here.

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