December 12, 2008


i dislike hectic on friday. it annoys me and break everything. today is all crap. me, not the day. i become damn-childish-spoiled girl ever. friday should be amazing day, gate which introduces us to weekend. too bad, today isn't. blamed myself already, and of course my PMS. yeah.. i know, most of u must said, "oh, please..not that pms again..", but really can't help but say, "guys.. girl do feel bad when we get it, and we can't do anything". i mean it.
world soon changes into enemy, and all things that befriended with us go away.
sweet tone in head become evil, and try to make things get worse.
oh.. i hate pms so much, when all comes irrational, and i really feel mad with people.
i irritated many people, and one of them even said, "hell la.. you're so peevish today"
( well, he didn't say as honest as that, but approximately like that).
i am officially desperately bad mood, and poured my anger to everyone. poor them. they know nothing.

can't concentrate, hope it'll end immediately.

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