December 24, 2008



tommorow is holiday, and i love holiday soooooo muuuuch!!!

i've decided to spent my holiday in Padang, my dad's hometown.
just for information, last time i went there is when i was at kindergarten!!!
haha, honestly.. i took a long time to get this decision.
first, i beg a lot apologizes dad, but i am not sure if i remember all my relatives there. i mean it. it has been a long time since i met them for last time, now i doubt if i can mention their name, one by one.
huff.. silly, i know, but i am not connected well as Hanafiah's, you know, we called and texted each other, but we assembly rarely. yeah, separated by distance is our main problem.

first, it feels reluctant to go there. i didnt wanna be kinda strangers there. i was afraid. what if i can't adapt well with my cousins? what if they're different from what i've imagined before? and any other "what if" fly through my mind.

then, i think..
yup, i was thinking, it's too silly.
if i can collect my braveness to come there, to Medan, where i do know NO ONE here, why must be afraid to visit my own FAMILY???
it's my CHANCE to know them better. why must i be some kind of coward and afraid to come?
then i decided to go. i must know my ancestos from my dad.
it's a right time, La.. c'mon..

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